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Microsoft Windows 128-bit on Windows 8 or 9

“Just before the world receives Windows 7, there are already rumblings of a generation-after-next version of Windows that will come in a 128-bit flavor.

Eightforums spotted in Microsoft Senior Research & Development employee Robert Morgan’s LinkedIn profile that he was working IA-128 for the next two generations of Windows.

The update to Morgan’s profile, which has since been removed, read as follows:

"Robert Morgan is working to get IA-128 working backwards with full binary compatibility on the existing IA-64 instructions in the hardware simulation to work for Windows 8 and definitely Windows 9."

While progress is no surprise, especially since many expect that 64-bit will become the majority for Windows 7, it’s somewhat of a revelation if 128-bit software will be available just one generation from now.

Stay tuned, as Morgan has agreed to a short Q&A with Eightforums. We’ll be recapping the best bits for you as soon as they’re available.”


  1. September 13, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    not bad!!

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