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SystemRescueCd 1.3.1 Includes Filesystem Benchmarking Tools

SystemRescueCd creator François Dupoux is committed to keeping his distribution running on the latest and greatest software, because yesterday he released SystemRescueCD 1.3.1 and, as everyone is expecting, it is powered by version of the Linux kernel. Along with that you will find a alternative kernel, a fresh NTFS-3G, 2009.4.4-AR19, and PartImage 0.6.8, which allows you to disable SSL at runtime.

The shiny and new Memtest86+ 4.0 boot image is twice as fast when running the first test pass on your RAM, brings added support for more processors and it also features better detection of Integrated Memory Controllers. Gdisk, the GPT partition editing tool, has been updated to version 0.5.0 and FSArchiver 0.6.1 has its cryptographic functions provided by libgcrypt.
SystemRescueCd 1.3.1 isn’t all about updates, though; some applications have been replaced, fixes to the distribution were made and, more importantly, a new feature was added. TigerVNC 1.0.0 took the place of TightVNC, and in support of this change the VNC server configuration was modified. From the fixes department comes a change to the initial RAM filesystem, which allows you to boot SystemRescueCd over the network when the source URL uses a hostname.
Newly added in this release is the support for filesystem speed testing, provided by the IOzone Filesystem Benchmark version 3.242. By using it you will be able to replicate those EXT4 versus ReiserFS tests that were all over the Internet a while ago, or just pick the best filesystem for your computer.
About SystemRescueCd
SystemRescueCd, a Linux-based Live CD, is a quick and easy way to repair systems and recover data after serious crashes. With tools ranging from partition managers and disk diagnostic mechanisms (like TestDisk and sfdisk) to basic day-to-day applications (text editors, Midnight Commander etc.), as well as support for all important filesystems, SystemRescueCd is a solution that anyone who is experiencing data loss or other system-related problems should consider using.
Download SystemRescueCd 1.3.1 right now from Softpedia.

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