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What to do when Windows Vista Won’t Shutdown


Computer not shutting down in Windows Vista has become one of the most common problems. It becomes so annoying when you really can’t figure out what’s causing this. I bought a new HP Pavilion DV 6 1215 three days back and faced this issue last night. I was really pist off because I didn’t even install any additional programs in this machine except Msn Messenger. I ran a full virus scan but didn’t find anything so I decided to Google it and found a few solutions.

When you get this, usually it’s because of a driver hanging. To check if any of the drivers is causing this problem click Start > Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools.


Click “Advanced tools” which is located at the left hand side of the window.


If your drivers are causing any issues or are not up to date it will display a message and will allow you to fix the problem.  It’s then just a case of disabling them from start up.


Removing unwanted application from the Windows Start up can do the trick. In my case for some reason newly installed applications such as Windows Live Messenger were causing the problem. As soon as I removed additional apps from the Start up my Windows started to act normal and I could shut it down in a matter of seconds. To remove apps click START and type “Msconfig” in the search bar.

It will bring up the “System Configuration” window which looks like this.”


Now, click “Startup”and uncheck all the additional/unwanted applications and click Äpply”.


Try restarting your computer and let us know if this worked for you. It certainly did for me.


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