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Now in Google Toolbar for Firefox: advanced in-page translation

image Last week was a big one for Google Toolbar: we released the new Google Toolbar with Sidewiki for Internet Explorer and Firefox allowing you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. But there’s more: with the new version of Google Toolbar, our advanced in-page translation also became available for Firefox, making it easy to read a webpage in another language with the click of a button.
The new version of Google Toolbar for Firefox has several other new features . You can find (almost) everything about the toolbar in our help center so we’ll just mention two new things. As in Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, we’re now experimenting with displaying high-quality website suggestions and sponsored links as you type your query. Clicking on these will take you directly to the website (try typing "cnn" in the toolbar to see an example).
Also, Firefox version 3.5 introduced Private Browsing mode in which in which Firefox will stop recording your browsing history. The new version of Toolbar in Firefox will follow suit and not record your searchbox history while in Private Browsing mode. It will also turn off PageRank, Web History and Sidewiki. This means that you can confidently surf in private when you prefer. Note that Firefox’s Private Browsing mode does not mean complete anonymity; we highly recommend reading Mozilla’s support page before using Private Browsing mode.
We continue to work on new features to improve your web experience. Download the latest version of Google Toolbar and try out these new features.

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