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First Look at Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Beta

The beta release of Karmic Koala, the next version of Ubuntu Linux, just arrived on the net. Wondering what’s new inside the open-source operating system? We took a tour and brought back these screenshots.

Update: An earlier version of this post used screenshots from Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6, which, while feature-complete, did not include the artwork overhaul included in the 9.10 beta. We’ve re-toured Karmic Koala and replaced the screenshots, as well as added an item to note the changes. Apologies for any confusion—or disappointing design schemes.

In general, Ubuntu 9.10, or Karmic Koala, doesn’t have a whole ton of new-new features over what we saw in 9.04. That’s because a lot of the focus has been on more nuts-and-bolts areas, like boot-up management, application security, and other deep-down bits.

That said, there is some new stuff worth checking out. Click on the thumbnails below for a bigger picture and description of each feature. Want it all one one page? Here’s the non-gallery version. Like what you see? Found something else new in Karmic Koala we didn’t see? Tell us in the comments.

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