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What the Ubuntu Developer Summit Is

At the beginning of a new development cycle, Ubuntu developers from around the world gather to help shape and scope the next release of Ubuntu. The summit is open to the public, but is not a traditional conference, exhibition or other audience-oriented event. Rather, it is an opportunity for Ubuntu developers – who usually collaborate online – to work together in person on specific tasks.

Our development cycle is unique we think, even in the open source and free software world. Anyone can come and propose a feature and the discussion and propositions are all considered, approved and/or rejected entirely in the public domain. This openness and transparency, we believe, is what makes Ubuntu such a strong, community driven product.

How It Works

The aim of the Ubuntu Developer Summit is to provide a means for contributors to discuss proposed features for the next version of Ubuntu, as well as discussion for improvements in how the community works. Over the course of the last few years, we have been streamlining this process to make it as open and accessible for all, and to make the most of everyone’s time together.

This is how it works:

  1. Everyone is welcome to think of and develop ideas for features that could be present in the next Ubuntu release. These ideas are written as specifications (detailed documents outlining how the idea would work and be implemented). You are welcome to add your specifications to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu.
  2. Those people who are attending the summit reads the specs and mark which ones they want to attend. This provides a means to determine who wants to attend which sessions.
  3. At the summit the scheduler then looks at the attendees and proposed specs and generates a timetable for the week.
  4. The attendees attend each specification on the timetable, discuss the topics and then update the specifications with the results of the discussions.
  5. Finally, the finished specifications are approved by the Ubuntu Technical Board and work begins on implementing them.

Who should Attend

We don’t restrict access and all are welcome but bear in mind this is a working summit. This is for developers and other contributors looking to propose and work on features they want to see in the next versions of Ubuntu. It’s not for end users, it’s not a time for free support, it’s not a time to meet and talk strategy. No suits, no tourists in short.

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